Why we are called

The Family

Because we are more than a group of people who work in the same space. We’re friends, brothers, and sisters, and we view the people and companies we are connected to in this industry as Family too. We are home to production companies, animation studios, music houses, record labels, orphans, editorial and post facilities, digital content creators and producers, in-laws, technologists, strategists, designers, visual effects wizards, directors, runaways, editors, writers, and thinkers.

And like any good family, we are passionately supportive of our Family Members. We unfailingly represent them with unbridled enthusiasm and tireless energy. Like proud parents, we brag a little.  Families are rooted in relationships, and ours is no different. We create powerful, loyal, and long lasting relationships for and with our Family Members. Our relationships don’t stop with our Family Members. We also have tons of Family Friends.  Our Family Tree extends well into the advertising industry, and we enjoy beautiful relationships with talented people at ad agencies, brands, and networks all over the country.

What we do at

The Family

In a nutshell, we match FAMILY Members with FAMILY Friends to make their collective advertising dreams come true.

We function differently for each of our clients and friends, but we always strive to make a significant and profound impact on both of their brands and businesses. We manage talent, brands, and careers connected with creating and producing award-winning advertising.  We help create a unique niche for each of our Family Members based on their individual talent, aesthetic, and where they want to grow. We give each a resoundingly clear voice in this very loud and cluttered industry. We effectively help build their brands, their portfolios, their standing in the industry, and their bottom line.

Our skills include, but are not limited to: communicating, relationship building, dog training, proactive selling and marketing, strategizing, splitting wood, branding, cooking, public relations, gardening, event planning, producing, creating, reading, writing, arithmetic, motivational dancing, business coaching and consulting, spotting and building talent, surfing, interior decorating, hunting and gathering, multitasking, driving a stick shift, trend setting and taste making, gift wrapping, making dove sounds, procurement, and winning. One of us is even a repeated Spelling Bee champ.




Chris and Diane partner to launch The Family.

While pondering names, they almost decided to call their company Sabbatical. Diane said to Chris, “I want something that says who we are, and what we are about all at once.” Chris said, “Yeah, we’re more than reps and business partners, we’re great friends.” Diane said “You’ve repped Backyard since day one, and I have grown to love those guys…we’re all practically family.” And so it was. THE FAMILY WAS BORN..

June 2004

The French Riviera.

Chris hooked Diane up with a room in the famous Backyard villa (BYP is one of his clients), and a ticket to the even more famous Backyard Pool Party. Everyone got along instantly. Within five minutes of being at the villa, Diane was almost impaled by a run-away picnic umbrella. Calamity would become a running theme. Amongst late night parties and Gutter Bar injuries, Chris and Diane realized they were more then just pals. They were like-minded business people who together formed a powerful networking and marketing machine! Talk began of working together.

APRIL 2004

The Fateful Lunch.

Chris convinced Diane to go to Cannes and attend the annual Lions Awards Festival, advertising’s biggest awards show. Diane convinced Crew Cuts to pay for her trip.

December 2004

Anna works for Chris at ZRI.

Anna was a senior in college, and was looking for a part time job. Chris hired her to be the receptionist at ZRI. Diane was head of sales at Crew Cuts. Diane and Chris met often to discuss business, and she and Anna became friends. Chris constantly hinted to Diane to start her own repping company. Diane did not listen (typical). Anna transitioned into working for ZRI full time after her graduation in 2005.


Chris hires Diane’s friend.

Chris hires Diane’s friend. All become buddies. Diane was working as a rep at Headquarters Films. Chris mentioned he was looking for a rep to join him at ZRI. Chris hired one of Diane’s best friends (LB) for the job. Over the next few years, CZ, LB, and DP became best buds. Attended many industry functions together. DP and CZ talked shop. A lot.


Diane Patrone and Chris Zander meet at Schofield Films.

Diane was head of production at Schofield Films. Chris Zander had his own successful independent repping company, Zander Reps Inc. Diane was in charge of finding a new rep for Schofield. She called Chris. Although she did not hire Chris, they struck up a friendship.


Yoga Zone in Irvington.

Chris Zander meets a teenaged Anna Rotholz at Yoga Zone in Irvington, NY. Anna was the receptionist at Yoga Zone, and Chris was training. Chris sometimes brought his kids to Yoga Zone. One of them bit Anna. Anna instantly became indoctrinated into the Zander Family.