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  • Miley Cyrus Debuts Glittery Elvis-Inspired Video “Younger Now”


    Miley Cyrus and Diane “Diamond” Martel are back with another chart topping video – this time for Miley’s new single “Younger Now” from her upcoming EP of the same title. Sporting a look inspired by...

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  • Phillipa Price Helms Trippy Fashion Film For Stella McCartney!

    Maavven/Hound’s Phillipa Price has lived about as many lives as a feline. The 27-year-old director/fashion designer/graphic designer/installation artist/set designer/science enthusiast is one to watch, especially since her latest work with Stella McCartney! A designer herself,...

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  • Diane Martel Directs Miley Cyrus’s New Music Video “Malibu”

    Miley Cyrus stunned the world with her new single “Malibu” and warm, beachside music video, helmed by her longtime collaborator Diane Martel at Hound. Drawing on Malibu’s light and picturesque locations, Miley reveals an intimacy we haven’t...

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  • Millie Bobby Brown Stars in Chris Sims’s New Video “Find Me” by Sigma Ft. Birdy

    Chris Sims of Hound blows us away with his visually masterful work for “Find Me” by Sigma featuring Birdy. He draws out a stunning performance from Millie Bobby Brown—of Stranger Things renown—who Sims portrays as...

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