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  • The Tao of Wu Just Got Spicer!

    Music, meet mouth. Not just anyone gets to chomp on a Chipotle burrito in a Foley studio, but Barking Owl Music + Sound is not just any company. The award winning music and sound design...

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  • Barking Owl and Darren Aronofsky Capture the Front Lines of The New York Times

    Rarely do we come across a project we feel so viscerally that we must engage in it, regardless of time, money, or resources. This campaign via Droga5 for the New York Times is such a project....

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  • Barking Owl Brings Us to the Near Future with AT&T

    Barking Owl

    Remember 2G? The days before unlimited texting and internet browsing in the palm of your hand? Wireless technology has evolved exponentially since its debut 30 years ago. With their expert integration of sound design, Barking...

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