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Phillipa Price Helms Trippy Fashion Film For Stella McCartney!

Phillipa Price Helms Trippy Fashion Film For Stella McCartney!

Maavven/Hound’s Phillipa Price has lived about as many lives as a feline. The 27-year-old director/fashion designer/graphic designer/installation artist/set designer/science enthusiast is one to watch, especially since her latest work with Stella McCartney!

A designer herself, (she founded cult streetwear label GG$/Guns Germs $teal) Phillipa was the first director to be tapped by label Stella McCartney to concept and shoot a new collaborative series, #StellaBy.

Drawing inspiration from surrealism and psychedelics, Phillipa interpreted Stella McCartney’s Spring Summer 17 Collection and inaugural Men’s collection in Uncanny Valley. The collection, which Phillipa notes referenced a “slightly Western Depression-era vibe” matched perfectly with the surreal, and even creepy Nevada desert and former nuclear testing site in the 1940s. Phillipa matched the historic Clown Motel and adjacent graveyard, archival clips of news coverage on atomic bombs, surrealistic clown makeup and her signature bright hued lighting to highlight the subtle subversion in Stella’s latest collection.

Phillipa’s multidisciplinary and tactile approach, combined with her love of science fiction, futurism, mythology, and technology has lead to major collaborations with Rihanna and Drake’s set for “Work” at the BRIT Awards last year, a mobile VR experience/tour bus for Apple Music + U2, videos for Banks, Pharrell, Lion Babe, and Brooke Candy. Keep on the lookout for this rising star in the fashion, art and design world!

For more info on Phillipa’s experience with Stella, check out her Q&A here!