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Philippa Price + Katy Perry = Magic

Philippa Price + Katy Perry = Magic

In a dream collaboration, Hound/Maavven director Philippa Price and pop star Katy Perry created a pastel colored music video for her new heart-break single ‘It’s Never Really Over’. It’s the first release of a new single from Perry in two years, not only making it a major big deal but a penchant for interesting visuals and stunning art direction that were definitely amplified by Price’s talents. Phillipa is known for her avant-garde, ethereal visual style and unique approach to filmmaking. She is a Creative Director in Residence for Rihanna who created and directed the Savage x Fenty fashion show that took the world by storm. Price is a major force of creativity and originality, making her collaboration with Perrys unique and powerful artist expression, breath taking.

Their video lit up the internet with millions of views and features on Stereogum, Pitchfork, BBC, Billboard, ET Online, Elle, Vulture, People, MTV, Variety, NY Daily News, W, LA Times, Entertainment Weekly, Good Morning America, and Rolling Stone….to name a few.

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