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Miley Cyrus Debuts Glittery Elvis-Inspired Video “Younger Now”

Miley Cyrus Debuts Glittery Elvis-Inspired Video “Younger Now”

Miley Cyrus and Diane “Diamond” Martel are back with another chart topping video – this time for Miley’s new single “Younger Now” from her upcoming EP of the same title.

Sporting a look inspired by Elvis’ pompadour and Nudie rhinestone suits, Miley croons in her coming of age pop-country ballad, embracing an entirely new look and musical style that feels like a 180 degree turn from the girl who brought you “Wrecking Ball.”

Martel, who always pushes a subversive edge in her music videos, especially with longtime collaborator Miley Cyrus, brought together the disparate elements of a geriatric circus, a 1950s sock hop, juvenile mimes and a marionette show in a flashy, high energy, glittery music video that we can’t stop watching.

Diane has a super special gift of bringing together so many kooky visual references with beautiful film, punchy art direction and edgy casting. She once again proves that she’s got the directing versatility to match Miley’s growth and transformation as an artist.

Younger Now will be released on September 29. We’re looking forward to hearing “Rainbowland,” which features none other than Miley’s (fairy) godmother Dolly Parton!