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Making Movement Better….with Music and a beautiful film.

Making Movement Better….with Music and a beautiful film.

Toyota technologies go far beyond their automobiles…they actually help people move better…giving everyone equal motion and equal hope.

Oscar winning composer (and half of Nine in Nails) Atticus Ross brings his unique talent to amplify director John Hillcoat’s beautiful, anthemic film. Barking Owl’s Morgan Johnson creates perfectly balanced sound design, mixed by Patrick Navarre.

Highlighting the mobility stories of Olympic and Paralympic athletes, as well as people around the globe in every stage of life, this inspirational piece shows the power of courage, determination & perseverance of the human spirit, the human body, and the technology built to support both. Futuristic transportation solutions, next-generation mobility, prototypes and advanced technologies researched & developed by Toyota to create mobility for all.

Keep an eye out for some major Olympic athletes: Tatyana McFadden, the world’s leading wheelchair racer -who has won 17 Paralympic medals across five Games for the USA; Brad Snyder, American Paralympic swimmer and former captain of the U.S. Naval Academy swim team and a three-time gold medalist at the Paralympic Games Rio 2016; and Rami Anis, a swimmer from Syria, part of the Refugee Olympic Team at the Olympic Games Rio 2016.