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Getting lucky for the Holidays ;)

Getting lucky for the Holidays ;)

What’s luck, really?

Jesper Ericstam is back with another tear jerker for Allegro! This year’s film tells charming tale of a boy and his lucky talisman, it’s a lovely follow up to last year’s Lion winning film about a Polish grandfather who learns English in preparation for his trip to London to meet his granddaughter.

For Christmas this year, a young boy is gifted a ancient talisman. With his lucky talisman around his neck, falling out of a tree doesn’t hurt him. The girl he likes at school sits next to him on the bus. He evades trouble from his teacher as he’s saved by the bell. He also manages to evade bullies after defending a classmate. Even his soccer teammates benefit from the charm as they win their game as it adorns his neck. Suddenly, everyone at school wants to get their hands on his talisman.

Is his gift really a lucky talisman? Or is something (or someone) else at play here? Check out this touching tale and find out for yourself what it means to be lucky this holiday season.