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FASHION GONE SAVAGE: Philippa Price & Rihanna

FASHION GONE SAVAGE: Philippa Price & Rihanna

The amazingly avant garde creative force that is Philippa Price (officially Rihana’s creative director as of this summer) just made her mark on New York’s Fashion Week in a SLICK way.

Price and the mega star have been collaborating since the 2016 Brit Awards when Philippa creative directed and choreographed Rihanna’s performance of “Work” featuring Drake & SZA.The powerhouse duo teamed up again for Riri’s 2017 Grammys performance of “Wild Thoughts,” which Price taking on the creative director role on all things Rihanna.

Their latest is the debut of Rihanna’s lingerie line SAVAGE x FENTY…..and their show was THE talk of the town.On the runway model Slick Woods was in labor during the entire runway show and gave birth to a her baby boy soon after. Slick Woods is a major badass lady.

The show featured many badass women of all of shapes, sizes, ages, and colors; causing hearts to sore around the world. Coverage of the show has gone viral and has been reported on by The New York Times, Huffington Post, Fader, Elle, Haper’s Bazaar, Complex, to name a few. Together, Price and Rihanna have created powerful statement in the traditionally waif honoring fashion world, bringing the womanhood and inclusivity vibes to a game changing new level in 2018 fashion.

Note to the World: The bar has now been set.

Philippa is represented by Maaven for music video and artistic projects, and by Hound for commercial and brand work.