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Barking Owl and Darren Aronofsky Capture the Front Lines of The New York Times

Barking Owl and Darren Aronofsky Capture the Front Lines of The New York Times

Rarely do we come across a project we feel so viscerally that we must engage in it, regardless of time, money, or resources. This campaign via Droga5 for the New York Times is such a project.

The stories in this campaign are so timely and human, bringing attention to them is extremely important. Highlighting the reporting and the dangers these journalists face to capture the truth needs our focus, they need to be known and appreciated.

The esteemed director, Darren Aronofsky, and the team at Barking Owl were both moved by this creative. Mr. Aronofsky is a huge supporter of the NYT and the verity it stands for…as are all of the team members at Barking Owl. To bring these images to life, Barking Owl was tasked with sound design, which meant sounds of war, crossing an ocean in a raft, human struggle, survival, duress; as well as very specific dialects that are indigenous to where these images were captured, including local phrases that would have been said during such events and intensity. They wanted and needed to make it real. There was no other choice.

They went about finding Syrian refugees, Iraqi war victims, West African victims of Ebola, Venezuelans affected by the economic crisis . . . people who knew what it was like to live these images. And they did it. Some of the best work Barking Owl has ever done, and not only because of the achievement in making the soundscape real, or the creative high that it was to work with Mr. Aronofsky. It’s because of the experience of bringing people into the studio, recording them, and seeing them unite in common experience, watching them remember—sometimes painfully—what they went through and be so appreciative of where they are now.