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ALERT! “Tomorrow’s On Fire” an influential film by OH YEAH WOW

ALERT! “Tomorrow’s On Fire” an influential film by OH YEAH WOW

With the devastating fires raging across Australia, people are working hard to raise money and point out who is responsible. Director and animator Oh Yeah Wow (aka Darcy Prendergast) has created a poetic call to action in the form of an animated short film. “Tomorrow’s On Fire,” was made to call out those in power for ignoring the needs of the Australian people and wildlife, who are suffering greatly as their homes burn and have lost over half a billion animals.

Oh Yeah Wow is known for work in music video and advertising. OYW’s repertoire includes clips for Gotye, Boy & Bear, Greenday, Neil Young; and commercials for brands such as Coca Cola, AT&T, Target, and Uber.

When Oh Yeah Wow was asked about his hopes for the film, “I hope it challenges. I hope it’s a catalyst for positive change. I hope it sparks action from the politicians who are elected to serve us. So many Australians are angry and rightly so; we deserve better, we deserve hope… and so does our next generation”.

The film has been featured in the press through the UK and Australia, Little Black Book featured it today, and it is currently a Vimeo staff pick!

 “Tomorrow’s On Fire” is available to view on the following link:
For anyone moved to donate, two sites for donation are here: