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Our Day At Tribeca Immersive

Our Day At Tribeca Immersive

We headed over to the Tribeca Film Festival Hub to check out the Immersive Series because once again, a very special film by director David Gelb of Nonfiction (creator and director of Chef’s Table, Jiro Dreams of Sushi) premiered.

The film, a short documentary shot entirely in 360 VR as part of “The Possible” series, is called “Hoverboard.” It’s about Alexandru Duru, founder of Omni Hoverboards. First let us tell you these hoverboards that genius Duru, and his crazy team of let’s-do-the-impossibles, created are more like personal drone/helicopters that you can stand on and fly . . . very high and quite fast. We totally want one.

As one of the only live-action VR films in the entire experience, “Hoverboard” is a stand out in the collection of very amazing films and experiences. (Other highlights included “Tree,” “Talking With Ghosts,” “Treehugger: Wawona,” and “The Island of the Colorblind.”)

Watching a compelling interview unfold while being able to swivel around to see all of the surroundings (including David interview Duru, as well as him behind the camera) is pretty awesome. Also, David created smaller actions and stories for each and every direction one would look, immersing us in the entire process. Finally, the VR experience really kicked in when we were given the POV of the Hoverboard rider . . . very, very high up above a lake and moving quickly . . . HOLY COW . . . it was crazy . . . felt like we were flying.

Kudos to David Gelb for his amazing first foray into VR and putting his signature style of engaging storytelling into such an exciting viewer experience. Cannot wait to see what he does next in this medium.