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  • WAX Adds Award-Winning, Fashion/Beauty-Inspired Editor Kate Owen


    Wax signed award-winning, fashion/beauty-inspired editor Kate Owen. With nearly two decades’ worth of experience cutting commercials and films, the UK-born, New York-based Owen has displayed her talents across fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment for brands...

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  • Making Movement Better….with Music and a beautiful film.

    Toyota technologies go far beyond their automobiles…they actually help people move better…giving everyone equal motion and equal hope. Oscar winning composer (and half of Nine in Nails) Atticus Ross brings his unique talent to amplify...

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  • Getting lucky for the Holidays ;)

    What’s luck, really? Jesper Ericstam is back with another tear jerker for Allegro! This year’s film tells charming tale of a boy and his lucky talisman, it’s a lovely follow up to last year’s Lion...

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  • You’re Never Fully Dressed…without a Caddy!

    Yet another fantastic installment from Oscar winning DP Janusz Kaminski/Cadillac collaboration! This time the stunning 2018 Cadillac XT5 takes center stage as the fashionista she deserves to be. Outfitted with a bevy of luxury options...

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  • The Race for a Space – by Audi

    The holidays are here, which means it’s time for a trip to a truly magical place — the mall. But first, you have to find a parking spot. Ugh. Audi brings us a film that...

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  • Barking Owl helps Shine Light on The Perfect Gift

    Barking Owl & BBDO collab to deliver a heartwarming gift during the holidays in this Macy’s spot. Macy’s “Lighthouse” tells the story of two children, and their families, being brought together by the perfect gift...

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    Cadence Films is on fire these days….adding five AMAZING directors to their roster in as many months. Lion winner Clemens Purner is the most recent addition and joins Francesco Calabrese (swoon), Valentin Petit, Syrine Boulnouar,...

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    Award winning director Mason Nicoll has added his talents to the Golden roster. Mason has a unique view on filmmaking, applying design and film technique to everyday objects and situations bringing them to life in...

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  • Phillipa Price Helms Trippy Fashion Film For Stella McCartney!

    Maavven/Hound’s Phillipa Price has lived about as many lives as a feline. The 27-year-old director/fashion designer/graphic designer/installation artist/set designer/science enthusiast is one to watch, especially since her latest work with Stella McCartney! A designer herself,...

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  • The Tao of Wu Just Got Spicer!

    Music, meet mouth. Not just anyone gets to chomp on a Chipotle burrito in a Foley studio, but Barking Owl Music + Sound is not just any company. The award winning music and sound design...

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